Photography is a wonderful way to connect with the world around us, capturing frozen moments of the continuous adventure we all share. From these images we are able to see what the world offers from new perspectives or perhaps even see parts of the world we don't pay attention to in the rush of everyday activities.

Like no other time in human history images are all around us. People are enthralled with the ability to capture and share the moments of their lives, the rare looks of places where only a few dare venture, the serenity of nature's art and the surprising joy each of us encounters. The available tools to accomplish this can be staggering but people seem unfazed; their images abound in media of all types. Isn't it fun?!

This is my little corner of the image cornucopia. Most of what I share is my view of the natural world, both influenced by man and untouched by civilization. My goal is usually realism - I want you to see what I saw at the time. Sometimes I venture into alternate portrayals just to see for myself how different can be revealing.

Images will change periodically; themes will be explored as they interest me. There may even be a story or two.

Thanks for coming by; enjoy what you see here.